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Serde 0.3.1 - Now Compatible With Beta! Plus Aster and Quasi Updates

I just pushed up serde 0.3.1 to, which is now compatible with beta! serde_macros 0.3.1, however still requires nightly. But this means that if you implement the all the traits using stable features, then any users of serde should work with rust 1.0.

Here’s what’s also new in serde v0.3.1:

  • Renamed ValueDeserializer::deserializer into ValueDeserializer::into_deserializer.
  • Renamed the attribute that changes the name a field is serialized #[serde(alias="...")] to #[serde(rename="...")].
  • Added implementations for Box, Rc, and Arc.
  • Updated VariantVisitor to hint to the deserializer which variant kind it is expecting. This allows serializers to serialize a unit variant as a string.
  • Added an Error::unknown_field_error error message.
  • Progress on the documentation, but there’s still plenty more to go.

Upstream of serde, I’ve been also doing some work on aster and quasi, which are my helper libraries to simplify writing syntax extensions.

aster v0.2.0:

  • Added builders for qualified paths, slices, Vec, Box, Rc, and Arc.
  • Extended item builders to support use simple paths, globs, and lists.
  • Added a helper for building the #[automatically_derived] annotation.

quasi v0.1.9:

  • Backported support for quote_attr!() and quote_matchers!() from libsyntax.
  • Added support for unquoting arbitrary slices.

Thanks for everyone’s help with this release!